Different Units


Soil and Water Testing Laboratory :

Recommendation of proper does of fertilizer in different crops according to the soil analysis report. Recommendation for proper pond management. Distribution of soil health cards.



Bio-control laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with modern instruments like stereo microscope, dissection microscope with photographic arrangement, laminar flow hood, BOD incubator, fermenter, shaker, mixer, hot air oven, refrigerator, UV chamber, Centrifuge, Automatic Corcyra rearing system, Egg cleaning device, Insect collection device, etc.






Trichoderma viride

Beneficial Fungi

Against various fungal diseases


Trichoderma harzianum

Beneficial Fungi

Against various fungal diseases


Pseudomonas fluorescens

Beneficial Bacteria

Against various bacterial & fungal diseases


Metarhizium anisopliae

Beneficial Fungi

Against various insect pests


Trichogramma chilonis

Beneficial Insect

Egg parasitoid against various insect pests



Beneficial Virus

Against insect pest (Spodoptera litura)



Meteorological Unit :

Set up for day to day weather information for proper crop care


Seed Farm :

Good quality seeds of paddy, greengram, vegetables and flowers produced and supplied to the farmers field


Plant Nursery :

Set up for selling good quality planting materials to the farmers at a very nominal cost


Low Cost Poly House :

Off season vegetable cultivation to catch early market and to fetch higher price


Seed Cotton Ginning Unit :

Ginning of seed cotton produced by local farmers


Bee Keeping Unit :

Established for honey production and better crop production through improved pollination


Mushroom Unit :

Promotion of mushroom cultivation at farm level by women folk to supplement low cost protein in daily diet


Vermicomposting Unit :

Promotion of small unit at farmersí level with two spices of worm (Eisenia foetida, Udrilus ugeniae) for organic farming and improving soil health



Drip Irrigation Unit :

Proper utilization of harvested rain water in coastal saline zone for different horticultural crops during rabi-summer season


Eco-Hatchery Unit :

Production and distribution of carp fish  to the local farmers


Cat fish, butter fish, climbing perch and ornamental fish breeding and culture unit :

Production and distribution of seed  of vulnerable  indigenous fish species to encourage their conservation, propagation, livelihood and entrepreneurship development  . Demonstration of ornamental fish breeding and culture to the rural youth and farm women for entrepreneurship development  


Dairy unit:

Promotion of artificial insemination (AI) to remote island and practical demonstration for trainees. Promotion of green fodder cultivation


Black Bengal Goat Breeding Farm:

Promotion of improved breeding through use of superior breeding buck and preservation of best quality chevon and leather producing germplasm of the world. Motivate goat keepers to organize themselves into groups to establish large scale goat farm


Poultry unit:

Practical coverage on layer and broiler rearing


Poultry Hatchery Unit :

Distribution of good quality chicks to the beneficiaries


Spice Grinding Unit :

Setup for grinding of  turmeric and chilli etc. produced by the farmers


Seed HUB:

Production of seeds of oilseed crops like Sunflower, Sesame etc.


Oil Mill Unit :

Established for crushing oil seed crops produced by farmers


Information Unit :

a) Source Centre :

Farmers and farm women get information about the cultivation of different crops through charts, posters and models.

b) Library :

Maintained for gathering technical information about agriculture and allied fields 


                Collaborative Work with Rural Development Sector:

    1.            Animal Health Camp in different backward villages.

2.            Fight Hunger first initiative programme through right based approach for mother, child

         and adolescent girl.

3.            Strengthening and empowerment of SHGs.

4.            Monitoring and evaluation of mother group through NGO-IDEAS Tool Box.