Plant Protection




i. Demonstration of Indian Honeybee (Apis cerana) for additional income generation

ii. Management of bacterial wilt disease in Bittergourd (VNR-28)

iii. Demonstration of Cue Lure trap for management of fruit fly in Cucumber





i. Assessment of pollination service for increasing productivity in cucurbits


ii. Assessment of IPM against Rugose Spiraling Whitefly (Aleurodicus rugioperculatus) infestation in Coconut under coastal saline zone of West Bengal




On-farm mass production of microbial pesticides

Commercial production of bio-control agents

Homestead production of botanical pesticides

Organic plant protection through botanicals, bio-agents, bio-pesticides and organic pesticides

Organic Farming

IPM of major Agricultural and Horticultural crops

Eco-friendly pest management-principles and practices

Recent advances in integrated pest and disease management

Beekeeping as source of alternative livelihood option

Role of Beekeeping in increasing crop production

Self-employment generation by farm advisory service in agriculture

Use of ICT in Pest and disease management of agricultural crops



1.      One year Diploma in Agriculture Extension Services for Input Dealers (DAESI), affiliated by MANAGE, Hyderabad and GoI



1.      All India Coordinated Research Project on Honeybees & Pollinators (AICRP HB & P), sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi

2.  National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA), sponsored by CRIDA,  Hyderabad





1.  Bio-control agent production laboratory

a.      Trichoderma harzianum

b.      Trichoderma viride

c.       Pseudomonas fluorescens

d.      Metarhizium anisopliaee. 

2.    Apiary

a.    Indian Honeybee (Apis cerana)

b.    European Honeybee  (Apis mellifera)

c.    Stingless Bee (Tetragonula iridipennis)



1.     Use of bio-control agents for pest and disease management

2.     Climate resilient agriculture for the cyclone prone coastal Sundarbans

3.     Mass production of Trichoderma sp. at homestead level

4.     Beekeeping as alternative livelihood option for the traditional honey hunters (Moule) of Sundarbans

5.     Roof top rainwater harvesting for potable use and Asian catfish hatchery

6.     Use of pheromone traps for fruit fly management

7.     IPM for chilli leaf curl disease complex

8.     Organic method of pest and disease management in Betelvine